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ariana grande at mariah carey




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Subaru imperza type r sti

initial d anime is my shit!
Sounds like my parents back home..

Finn and Jake by Edmund Bagwell

This is really cool!


This right here and then a spanky followed after that 😘





11 Ways Smoking Weed Can Improve A Woman’s Life
According to Jhené Aiko.

Girls gotta get on that life! 🙌

Let’s go 🎾

Anonymous asked: You're in a relationship and you claim you're faithful but you're so damn thirsty in most of your tweets. Talking about how to get girls and make panties drop.


Just cuz I’m wifed up and faithful doesn’t mean I can’t give tips to the youngins.

I had two tweets today, one saying “if guys are more witty and creative with how they approach girls, it’ll make the panties moist.” And another saying “if you meet a girl that’s mixed with black/white, tell her you love grey girls cuz it’ll make them giggle.”

Thirst? I think not. Knowledge, humor, and experience, grasshopper.

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My dawg ✌️
Just because..

What if you had a bet with you’re bisexual gf who gets the most pussy?..

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Big K.R.I.T. - “Mt. Olympus”

The greatest rapper to come out of #mississippi. 

A true gangster, stylized to take down the main stream possers and replace them with a true and creative expression of the verbal art.

He has some great lines in this song:

"Other nigga name on your chain
And they call me a slave”    &

"You tellin’ me I can be King of Hip-Hop

And they wouldn’t give it to Andre 3000?”

Both ring true - how many young kids are wearing shirts and chains representing some fake rappers, when they barely are creating their own identity or value? More on his own fight to the top, is the fact that the industry will always give the awards to the clean and hollywood friendly rappers like Andre -3000. 

Just listen. Think and support Mississippi Rap

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I’ve been so depressed lately.. What ever happened to me?
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trying to bang with ur boo while ur parent in the other room



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