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Big K.R.I.T. - “Mt. Olympus”

The greatest rapper to come out of #mississippi. 

A true gangster, stylized to take down the main stream possers and replace them with a true and creative expression of the verbal art.

He has some great lines in this song:

"Other nigga name on your chain
And they call me a slave”    &

"You tellin’ me I can be King of Hip-Hop

And they wouldn’t give it to Andre 3000?”

Both ring true - how many young kids are wearing shirts and chains representing some fake rappers, when they barely are creating their own identity or value? More on his own fight to the top, is the fact that the industry will always give the awards to the clean and hollywood friendly rappers like Andre -3000. 

Just listen. Think and support Mississippi Rap

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I’ve been so depressed lately.. What ever happened to me?
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trying to bang with ur boo while ur parent in the other room



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me tryna stay humble.. -__-
either she worked or grew to it that bodys been blessed.

Mustard x Luda x Bobby x Krizzle #bmiawards
drizzy can’t do the troll back.. he just gets trolled to where it hits him again. X’D


When people keep bothering you

hahaha this is awesome!

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A Juvinile Mind pays the Conciquences

So as i was taking a shower feeling bad for how low my life was a thought came out my head thinking this might be the kicker idea to finally get my life started!!

i took time to write notes in a notebook how i had this plans set up writing apology letters what i plan to do ect ect.

my main goal was to be able to leave off with the subaru my dad (once) promised to give to me but i never knew how to drive stick so i had to learn myself as he was gone and out knowing he left it in his drawer i took my chance

just over the weekend i was able to get it down but the fuel was at empty so i felt it would only be right to jump ahead of plan to refuel the gas so i wouldn’t have to hesitate with low gas as escaping then i saw my mom pull in as i left..

not only did i try to rush my action but i panicked worrying that my mom would tell my dad about me driving the car which would fuck up the whole plan so i quickly pulled back in trying to act all calm as i herd my mom quickly jumped in the shower my only thought was to get to plan right away as thinking i didn’t have to balls to do it.. but i did

quickly i grabbed the things i needed, my laptop, mic set some quick clothes and a blanket knowing i’d be sleeping in the car for a while but i also took my studio gear such as my keyboard and a speaker monitor hoping i’d get some money from it.. also i stole 500+ from my mom and took my dad’s subaru (which was the main plan)

my dad did call the police on me threatening to report it stolen but he let it go after a few days..

i maybe was the sketchiest motherfucker as on this trip cause my only idea was to hit up some three girls that I’ve never met before hoping i get some contact. (or at least get to meet em)

why you ask? cause really i didn’t have anyone but myself and the ones I’ve connected with on the internet cause overtime growing up i didn’t really have friends or people i stayed in contact with for long.. i did have connects but it didnt really come to mind at the time DAMN HOW I’VE SO FUCKIN STUPID SOMETIMES

and the girls you ask? lets just say 2 of em were sketched out by my presents of connect and didnt want anythang to do with me as i was around their area.. but one stayed connected checking up how i was doing but was all the way from cali..

I traveled to Florida, went from Daytona, to Orlando, to Tampa.

got questioned by authority at Daytona beach for parking late night

long boarded around downtown Orlando and accomplished nothing but get lost and still not able to get a job

Met a random stranger from Chicago in Tampa and hit the sketchiest bar called The Soulstice.

then ditched the dude leaving off with some blank CD’s and a rhyme book with one written page (should i feel bad?)

I don’t really know of any real reasons of why for what i decided to do, some part of my mind says it was to grow up, some part of me says its to build my music carrier, and on another hand I just wanted to leave and be able to meet new friends and people.

how I’m doing now? I’ve been living in (my) car for the past week just looking for places to stay (parked), searching for a job that would hopefully call back and just been cruising the open till my moneys gone. I’d say the moral to this story is maybe i’m just a lost hopeless romantic..

maybe I’m just emotionless wondering why everyone is so gay and won’t understand why i’m not.

Or maybe i am..

Can we vent without feeling the need to be happy all the time?

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That’s my question..
Though I’m homeless now with just a car and a phone I still like to reblog photos from my “still working” cellphone at a Wendy’s parking lot..

— Haha “the struggle” makes me seem stupid

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